Acceptance and Exclusions

Ending Life’s Taboo is a routine and in crisis service; it is a level 3 psychological/counselling service for young adults (18 to 45 years old) identified as life limited, and their families and carers.  Referrals to this charity will be accepted through medical professionals and self-referral.

Beneficiaries will be those that have received the diagnosis of life limited (including their families).  They will have a psychological need relating to any aspect of their life limited diagnosis, end of life treatment or palliative phase.

Ending Life’s Taboo psychologists/counsellors will therefore initially assess all referrals to ensure accurate identification of the most appropriate referrals and interventions and will signpost beneficiaries or their referrers to suitable, higher level interventions, on every occasion that this is deemed appropriate.

Ending Life’s Taboo is available to all adults between the ages of 18 and 45 in East Suffolk and North East Essex, who have received a diagnosis of life limited and require psychological support and support for carers.  

The sources of referral for the service will be:

  • Level 2 CNS
  • Consultants (from all medical specialties)
  • Palliative Consultants
  • GP’s
  • Self-referral 

Ending Life’s Taboo Charity exclusions include:

  • Young adults who live outside of the area covered by the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust will not be eligible to access the charities services.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 or above the age of 45 will not be eligible for this charity’s services.
  • Individuals with a high level of risk (e.g., suicidal, self-harming or actively psychotic) who need the support of a multi-disciplinary mental health team.
  • Primary drug or alcohol problems.
  • Housing or financial problems.
  • Young adults with learning disabilities.

If, after the initial assessment/review of any referral, the referral is found to be inappropriate for the charity, Ending Life’s Taboo will ensure that individual and referrer are informed and signposted to other services covered by the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

Ethical Fundraising

Ending Life’s Taboo is committed to being open, honest, fair and legal concerning funding.

All fundraising will be carried out in an ethical and socially responsible way. It is the responsibility of the charity to ensure that all those raising funds on their behalf have been made aware of this policy and its content.

Ending Life’s Taboo reserves the right to refuse funding/donations if it finds that the donor source is illegal, unethical or would be detrimental to the charity’s reputation and future fundraising potential. Depending on the origin of the donation, Ending Life’s Taboo will carry out due diligence checks to highlight any concerns. Additional identity checks prior to accepting donations will be sought; this may include using the internet to authenticate the donor organisation, its organisational connections and if an individual, to ascertain the legitimacy of the donor.

Ending Life’s Taboo will fundraise in a variety of ways and each will be financially risk assessed to ensure they meet the policy and do not put the financial stability of the charity at risk. The funds raised are to be used in the interests of the beneficiaries and to increase income ensuring sustainability of the charity.

The Trustees will take responsibility for decisions concerning acceptance of donations to ensure that the policy is being followed.

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